5 Benefits of Opening a Restaurant in a Mall

02.2.21 | Restaurant Planning
Opening a Restaurant in a Mall

When you’re looking for a restaurant space, you have options. While many restauranteurs are looking for self-contained square footage, others are better served by getting set up in a shared space—like a shopping mall. There are actually some major benefits of going this route, and they’re well worth considering if you’re eatery will be a fast-casual establishment.

Here are five advantages of opening a restaurants in a mall…

Foot traffic

Anytime you’re selecting a restaurant location, foot traffic should be a key consideration and opening a restaurant in a mall would give you this advantage. Put simply, the greater your visibility, the more likely you are to receive walk-in business. When you’re located within a larger venue that’s guaranteed to attract customers, some of those passersby will enter your business. From there, it’s a matter of providing great food and a high level of service to keep them coming back!

More customers

It’s not just the number of customers you attract that can impact your bottom line—it’s how long they’ll probably stay. While patrons looking for fine dining like to linger over their meals and enjoy a cultivated ambiance, it’s a different story when they’re looking for a quick bite. Whether you’re serving up fresh tacos or savoury Italian, your diners will likely enjoy it fairly quickly if you’re located in a shopping centre. That means you’ll have the potential to serve more meals in a day—which can lead to greater profits.

Greater convenience

One of the best ways to ensure a steady flow of customers is to make dining convenient. By virtue of their location, restaurants and food kiosks in shopping centres are easily accessible. Diners who are already in the immediate (indoor) area can wander in when they’re hungry. There’s no travelling out of the way to get there, and visitors have access to ample parking.

Work-life balance

Here’s a major benefit of having an eatery in a mall that many aspiring restaurant owners never consider. This business is all about hard work and dedication. Making it is tough, which is why many restauranteurs put in incredibly long hours. When you’re operating out of a mall, you can’t do that. These buildings close relatively early, even on weekends. The good news? You get to take advantage of the incredible foot traffic and ample parking—while enjoying a decent work-life balance.

You have options…

It’s not all about the food court anymore. While shoppers are by no means abandoning dining inside of malls, there are more and more standalone restaurants popping up in the parking lots of shopping centres. They’re a happy medium for restauranteurs who are seeking more control over their environment—but still want to benefit from the high volume of shoppers in the vicinity.

Of course, not every restaurant or franchise is right for a mall environment. Fortunately, those who are a good match for this model can reap some major benefits. Are you ready to start exploring your options?


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